THURSDAY (4/27) - Opening Night: An Evening of Tony Conrad
at The Texas Theatre, 7:30pm - $10 film program / $6 live after show/ $14 combo ticket

TONY CONRAD: Completely In The Present directed by Tyler Hubby. 
The Flicker by Tony Conrad
Concert Behind The Screen featuring Martin Back (performing Conrad's Bowed Film) and Derek Rogers.

FRIDAY (4/28) - Intermedia Performances
at The MAC@The Green Zone (161 Riveredge Dr), 7:00pm, performances start at 7:30pm

Performances by: Kristin Reeves, Limited Hangout, Wikkid_Beat (Karine Fleurima).

SATURDAY (4/29) - Screening Programs
at The Dallas Contemporary

2:00 PM
Visions - 60m

Steven Go Get Me Switch by Jared Buckhiester
He Who Eats Children by Ben Russell
Visions of an Island by Sky Hopinka

3:15 PM
All The Damage We've Inherited - 50m

Invisible Men Invade Earth by David Davis
Technicolor Angst by Ketchup Freeland
38 River Road by Josh Weissbach
1-804-410-KNOW by Eileen Maxson
Intangible Body by Emelie Mahdavian
A Boy Needs A Friend by Steve Reinke

4:25 PM
Split a Piece of Wood and I Am There - 66m

The Earth is Not a Spaceship by Krista Steinke
Of Islands and Unicorns by Mauricio Saenz
Mad Ladders by Michael Robisnon
The Dream that Nida Chua Dreamed On The Morning of May 25, 1985 by Jordan dela Cruz
The Stream 6 by Hiroya Sakurai
Emerald Ice by Jessica Ynes Simmons
Missing In-Between the Physical Proper by Olivia Ciummo
Subatlantic by Ursula Biemann

6:00 PM
There Will Be Emus in The Zone - 67m
The Neutral Zone by LJ Frezza
See a Dog, Hear a Dog by Jesse Mclean
Ecstasy by Di HU
War Prayer by Richard Weibe
Action Phase Loop 5: Crane Hang by Dustin Zemel
Body Contours by Kristin Reeves

7:30 PM
Duets - 73m

Sit, Stay by Cameron Gibson
Duet Tests 1, 7, 8, 10 by Jeremy Moss
Borderhole by Amber Bemak and Nadia Granados
Dear Lorde by Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battarsby

SATURDAY (4/29) - Media Installations Opening Reception
at The MAC at The Green Zone (161 Riveredge Dr.), 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Installations by Sean Miller, Eve LaFountain, and Ian Haig

SUNDAY (4/30) - Ultraseeing, Craig Baldwin, and Dallas Ambient Music Nights
at The Nasher Sculpture Center + The MAC@The Green Zone (161 Riveredge Dr.)

Ultraseeing at Nasher Sculpture Center
2:00 PM
Film Exercise No 2-3 by James & John Whitney (USA) 1944 / 16 mm / 4' 00
ARNULF RAINER by Peter Kubelka (Austria) 1958-1960 / 16 mm / 6' 30
Chromophonie by Alexandre Vitkine (France) 1967 / 16 mm / 7' 00
Matrix III by John Whitney (USA) 1972 / 16 mm / 11' 00
All Over by Emmanuel Lefrant (France) 2001 / 16 mm / 7' 00
The Sound Of His Face by Scott Stark (USA) / 1988 / 16mm / 5'12"

Craig Baldwin at Nasher Sculpture Center
Skype discussion with Baldwin following the program
3:30 PM
Masochism of the Margins by Cyrus Taber
Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America - Craig Baldwin

Dallas Ambient Music Nights at The MAC@The Green Zone (161 Riveredge Dr.)
doors at 7:00 PM

image by Adam Pacione

image by Adam Pacione